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Being able to enjoy together with friends and like-minded colleagues the fresh fallen snow, the untouched slopes and the incredibly impressive view over the snow-covered mountain range is the daily privilege of us snow sports instructors – even before we start our daily work. In these moments you know, the day will be a good one. You will spend the next five hours with your guests on the mountain and bring them their beloved sport closer, the skiing or the snowboarding. You will be able to help them to the one or other sporty sense of achievement and you’ll be happy if the at the beginning seemingly unconquerable slope can be mastered with improved, decent technique at the end of the day. You will praise, motivate, inspire and give new courage after a fall. You will make interesting acquaintances, often make friends and have lively conversations during a nice lunch or an apres-ski. And if there is still time after that, you will once again, individually and at your own pace, create your individual track, exhaust yourself on the mountain before you can enjoy the evening together with friends.

This is what our life looks like, absolutely recommendable. For the coming up season, in our "Adventure Rauris - Family" there still is some space for anyone who feels called to such a lifestyle, for those who are patient, sporty and close to nature. The first ski- or snowboard-instructor trainings-course (lasts about 10 days) is the only requirement for your very personal winter adventure in the mountains – either for a whole season or just for several weeks.

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We are very proud of all our colleagues who successfully passed their exams during the last student-courses on the Kitzsteinhorn- and the Mölltaler-Glacier last July:

-Theresia Herzog.....Dual-Aspirant (ski + snowboard)

- Moritz Wubbeling.....Ski-Aspirant

- Julian Wallmannsberger .....Landeslehrer Snowboard + Ski Aspirant

- Emili Schweighofer ..... Ski-Landeslehrer 1


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