About the anticipation

"The anticipation is an emotion, which is characterized by the expectation of an positive event in the future." (Wikipedia)

How beautiful childlike this through and through positive emotion does feel. Once you are an adult, you do not have much to do with such feelings anymore. But once a year, it always happens in autumn - usually after the first snowfall on the surrounding peaks - this sweetest of all delights creeps reliably in us winter-sports-people and fills us completely.

The winter, it comes - soon – it’s practically there – it’s at least in front of the door. Not for long and the peaks and slopes will be covered all over with clean, sparkling snow again. And this anticipation gets you to prepare yourself - meticulously, so to speak. The sports equipment is brought out and the first layer of wax is carefully applied. The boots are tried on – even though they fit perfectly last year - and just for safety kept on an entire prime-time-movie long ... just for the good feeling. The ski suit, the helmet, the warm mittens, everything is cleared out in the closet, ready for quick access. Already daily the hopefully abundant snow growth is checked over the webcams, which are placed on several summits. And the very best of anticipation - you see yourself already, live and in color, on the snowy slopes during the perfect ride and you almost can feel it - the sleek wind and the cold,  with small ice crystals filled air.  And also this special soft noise of freshly fallen snow can be heard - in fact and quite real. All this almost makes you “yodelling”. Cliché? Just a bit. Even the aching thighs can be felt (which seems strange since you're sitting right now) and you remember that you should start the ski-gymnastics-program as soon as possible (tomorrow at latest – for sure) to avoid sore muscles. But even that is accepted when it’s finally time. When it’s time to strap on the sports equipment and get up on that white mountain - preferably early in the morning and in light, quiet snowfall.

Yes, that’s how it is with the emotional anticipation, it grows and grows and ......

In Rauris ( www.raurisertal.at ) the lifts of the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen (www.hochalmbahnen.at ) will start operating for the upcoming winter season on the 13th of December.

Of course, the ski-touring-season might start much earlier. Possible touring-tips for November:


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Everything for wintersports can be fount at "ADVENTURE RAURIS"www.ski.co.at