Start of the season 2020/21

A warm hello from the mountains in Rauris. 

We sincerely hope that all of you - including family, friends and relatives - are healthy and well.

Especially in these difficult times, in which we are confronted with threats such as illness, loss and lack of economic prospects, nature with its intense strength and beauty, with its protective mountains are able to donate the important consolation, are able to disperse the worries of those strange times. 

The mountains as a sustainable place of strength, as a comforter of the soul - personally used by me almost every day.

The idyllic seclusion of our Rauris Valley, the non-existent fusions with other huge ski areas and the resulting lack of mass- and party-tourism, undoubtedly benefit us in the current situation, which is characterized by COVID 19.

It is quite certain, and I think we are 100% in agreement, that this virus cannot and must not prevent us from practicing our beloved, healthy and impatiently expected winter-sports.

Of course in the future we will do this with even more prudence, consideration and in compliance with the essential safety regulations.

From the current perspective, we will start the winter season on December 11, 2020 – so the winter vacation can be planned without worries. 

Our full range of offers - for the ski- & board-school and for the rental ADVENTURE RAURIS, can already be booked in our online shop:

Should the journey to Rauris - due to COVID 19 restrictions - not be possible, the spent amount will be refunded. 

Lift tickets:

Tourist office:

We gladly answer all questions via email ( ) or by phone (0043 6544 7900).

Please take care, stay healthy and we hopefully see us soon.