We just love the warming spring sun on the still snow covered mountains. You don't need to wrap up that warm any longer to join the glistening slopes on skies or snowboard. The days start to last longer and so you can be active until the late afternoon, until the very last gondola ride. The great hectic from the high season gets replaced from a spring-like, easy atmosphere. No waiting at the ski-rental, the ticket-counter or the cable-car-stations - no crowded ski courses. You get treated very individually with calm and care and so you are able to celebrate easter without any stress into the snow on the Rauriser mountains. 

We - the entire team from ADVENTURE RAURIS - would love to help you concerning ski- and/or snowboard lessons, private lessons such as around all concerns about ski-, snowboard-, cross-country- or ski-touring-equipment. 

More information plus our online-shop under: www.ski.co.at