"Humble and uplifting at the same time, hardly anything in nature inspires as much as the view of mountains" (Kofi Annan) .... how profoundly and so beautifully alpine-romantic formulated. But does it really still correspond to the truth? Is there still that humility in our present views of and from the mountains, that respect for the rugged beauty of the alpine terrain – including its flora and fauna?

Rather the truth probably corresponds to the fact that the wandering gaze gets stuck on the high-tech sports-computer-pulse-watch which is programmed individually on the body including the corresponding functions. After all, the watch makes wild and beeping noises because the heartbeat was too high, too low or even the stored time limit has been exceeded - which is almost a disaster. Because - performance above everything - even or especially on the fitness-center mountain. And too slow certainly doesn’t look good in the directly from the summit posted climbing route. Not to waste some time during drinking-breaks, it gets zipped on a laid-to-mouth pipeline which is connected with a bag hanging in the speed-backpack (camel-bag). No time to look, marvel and enjoy. This has been directly taken over by the on the head fixed camera. Later at home, on the computer, it can be watched how it looked up there. It should be looked fresh, light and fit on the social media summit picture. Everything else would be embarrassing, a reputation needs to be upheld - in the mountaineers-community. So the body gets bent quite casually - as relaxed as possible - to conceal the still high-speed pulse skillfully. "It's a hard life in the mountains" - currently gets a very new meaningfulness. And while choking down the protein granola bar and while folding up the handy-stick and the steep definitely is supposed to look even steeper, the mini-light drone gets unpacked and gets sent up in the air - eagle's perspective nothing against it. The social-media friends will be amazed and will cheer…LIKE-LIKE-LIKE!!! Oh, already five minutes, got moving! Is it winter, the ski-touring skins get removed one-armed from the skis, the bindings get locked quickly and skillfully . Of course, the Go-Pro-Cam was previously reactivated so the programmed drone can accompany the spectacle, flawlessly flying and crystal clear filming. In summer, the descent is done in a running pace, jumping over rocks, balancing on the steep mountain-ridge and everything is getting held in a network-compatible manner by the recording technical escort army. Arriving in the valley, snorting and panting, the merciless accounting takes place. This watch-computer knows everything - duration, power, altitude in ascending and descending, pulse frequencies in the individual passages, a.s.o. - even how long the brake has to be. And – on top - the information, that the performance has been better already, will be digitally, ruthlessly and automatically e-mailed by the fitness App. Mountain experience at its finest, flawless and all over again in 24 hours, says the computer.

 The following recommended high alpine tours in the “Hohe Tauern” invite to intensive, humble looking and thoughtful, uplifting ascending.

-       “Schwarzkopf” - a border mountain between the Rauristertal (Seidelwinkeltal - www.raurisertal.at ) and the Fuschertal (Bad Fusch - www.fusch.at).

-       “Große Wiesbachhorn” - for very experienced mountain lovers, who - in the best case - do not fall for the madness. It can be climbed over Fusch (Ferleiten...characteristics: very difficult) and over the “Kapruner Stauseen” ( www.kaprun.at ).


BERGFEX-Fusch: Schwarzkopf (2.764 m) von Bad Fusch ...



Großes Wiesbachhorn (3564m) vom Stausee Mooserboden/Kaprun ...